Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

The unthinkable has happened, and I have found myself writing again. I rediscovered an old project that I had abandoned over a year ago and jumped straight in. I found myself really enjoying it, despite the big workload that I have for university just now.
And for the first time I've decided to post it on here. I'm not sure if I will again, but I'm hoping this project will be made up of seven parts. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

"Them Damn Kids!"

Since I have a younger sibling, I've often been told how very, truly uncool I am. I don't understand the latest trends, the things that I like are from ages ago and no one even likes them anymore. Plus, apparently my sense of style is what old people wear. I can accept that a twelve-year-old can't truly appreciate Disney movies on video and that she probably doesn't understand that black goes with just about everything (yet). What I really don't understand though, are the habits of people just a bit younger than me.